How to quit smoking, the dangers of smoking
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How to quit smoking, the dangers of smoking

We try to quit on their own. Does not work, and want it badly? Are you still thinking: how to quit smoking without consequences and the craving for cigarettes in the future. Well, try to step over this craving for nicotine.Probably many already know that in Europe, and other countries with this problem, things are a bit different than we have in Russia. Why is this happening? Heh .. At some point, I myself was funny, it was rather funny - to address this problem (smoking) .., as is sometimes the cause of a bad mood, because I was young and did not understand much.
As you age, you start to realize they were wrong (blindness) - the absurdity of the choice of smoking, more so if you are influenced by the company of your friends and / or acquaintances because of which you smoke more than one year (for sure you are very grateful). I will try to squeeze the maximum all the stuff that he was not burdensome to you, talk about what smoking - it's bad for your health, I will not, you decide for themselves (continue smoking or not). Smoker with experience smokes about 20 cigarettes a day or more. So ...
As most to quit and when to start? I have always had thoughts on this, I know that smoking is ruining my health every day, with each cigarette smoked (I'm telling you from personal experience, because he smoke 16 years, more smoke) until not faced a serious health problem - namely, with varicose veins of the lower extremities, where the veins began to show buds (it's quite frequent disease of smokers and seen it all in different ways, someone in 24years, someone later, someone earlier - 19yo, it all depends on how much you smoke and other factors), and other derived diseases that are caused by smoking, too (they're not so terrible for health, but received a bouquet from all of them - just lets you know.)

Information taken from the site
Question smoker: How smoking affects varicose veins?
Reply doctor of the highest category: Gregory Habas.
Surgeon of the highest category, PhD (general surgery, endoscopic surgery, Phlebology, gynecology)
Virtually any way. At the very least, solid advice to quit smoking with varicose veins do not. Another thing - obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, where smoking is death.
================================================== =

Now, watch the video, which shows what I encountered (I had bumps on veins), through what I had to go, of course it is not fatal, at least in my case, and in others, too, if only to address early professional help (total: inspection and operation).
The process itself:

After the surgery:

If its not treated in time, it can lead to complications such as thrombosis, trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis. Of particular concern are thromboembolism - when a blood clot begins to move and blocks the lumen of the pulmonary artery (it is already kirdyk - ie death).

This is not the whole list of diseases, that's about the complete list:Camye common - it's respiratory system and lungs;lung disease emphysema, chronic bronchitis, chronic cough (smoker's cough),bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, lung cancer (throat, mouth, etc.), the pathology of the cardiovascular system, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, occlusive disease, thrombosis, hypertension, chronic vascular spasm,esophagitis, reflux disease, ulcers, epiglottitis, impaired gastric motility, changes in the enzyme system digestive tract, chronic gastritis, Melora-Weiss syndrome, diseases of the hepatobiliary system, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, intestinal dysmotility, constipation, possible different diseases in your future children (defects - they can be very different and very dangerous, both for you and for the child), cystitis, glomerulonephritis, a spasm of blood vessels, tissue hypoxia, fatty lesions capsule ptosis kidney and other diseases.

Smoking not only affects the lungs, as we used to think, but also to: digestive, intestinal tract, urinary tract, blood vessels, sexual and reproductive function, heart, sight, senses, but on the whole body .., + worsens immunity.

You can continue to smoke, and further, I'm not saying to quit - it's easy, though, if the emotional state, it is possible to quit smoking is relatively easy (you can even just and tried to quit smoking in the present). As we all know, smoking is a highly addictive nicotine in need (it can be said - that the drug, but its lighter form). And so, when you amputate the limb or you will develop cancer due to smoking or other serious disease, you will kneel and pray to, God that you have cut less meat.

That's all.Any additional informationyoucan learnfrom other sites (see thevideo, for example: about thelight, and so on, you canface it,read thebookby AllenCarr-Easyway to Stop Smokingis quitean interesting book.)It'sthatfor the consandprosof-it'searly death,can someonenotwant to see theirold age.And old age- it's nots youth.So what dothink about it.

You think I'm afraid of you? Not at all, to me it tries .. do not have to (pardon the expression), but I like all normal people - also swear. And when you find yourself in the place of those people (who once smoked and did not know the troubles ... - it was in the 95% of his youth, when the body is developing and that it is not particularly noticeable, while his show), it will be too late.Mark, thank you for your attention, you can continue to smoke, and further, I do not dissuade you.It's Your life and your health, the Choice is always there.
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