Gravity engine car, motorcycle

Secret File Secret Gravitational engine for a car, motorcycle + battery 
this perspective, a healthy (about nature), the monetary idea.
Is not far off this summer — so say the defenders of the environment and so it is.

Now to the heart: the first task is of course the exhaust gases — and there are too many and harm them even more the second problem — the quality of the material(product) and durability(and this is good), investors are already at full boil

Yes, the first to come to such a seemingly wild things(for some wild) this is the golden age, pleased, China and other countries. What can I say about it —they are handsome and just go on the little plus. But the engine is not the only open and they modification of engines, they will and will not make it long to wait, uh sorry that I do not have the money
Here is the development of a magnetic motorcycle engine, the engine itself is in a wheel

In general —
will soon be flying on motorcycles and cars (it is in a figurative sense, and maybe I’m lying,who knows ).

I can only add that the idea of a discharge of know how.

Plus, you need to use, use (good think about it), the device/a, which will collect and store electricity generated by it for future consumption.
Hmmmfurther expense, with the stock sounds, this task is not simple, but worthwhile, as an option: think more about batteries —
Solar-powered car and cars running on battery power, the air motor
A huge plusit’slessair pollution and atmospheric layers, saving resources...

A little magic, a little brute force, a lot of effort, and after a couple of years, maybe things will change 8for the better, not just technology.

Al’s know-how, you still boil then we go to you
Tentative forecasts for the future — to protect natural resources.
    \This is my personal opinion\.

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